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Teens Overcoming Pressure (TOP) is a program that aims to teach teenagers how to identify healthy versus unhealthy relationships, in addition to  early warning signs of abusive relationships, violent markers, and controlling and manipulative behavior.

Through this program it is our goal to not only reduce the incidence of teen dating violence but to promote healthy relationships by guiding our youth through positive self-image, effective mannerisms, positive behaviors and self-motivation.

To find a TOP Program near you, contact your local NHBW Chapter or email for more information.

L. Y. Marlow, Founder - Saving Promise

One of the questions often asked by parents is: What are the signs that my child could be a victim of dating violence? The response - simply: Go with your parental instinct. If something doesn't feel or look right with your child, then more than likely IT'S NOT. Below are tips to recognize the signs:

Have there been drastic  changes in your child's appearance, mood, diet, social routines or behaviors?

- L. Y. Marlow, Founder/CEO - Saving Promise

How Do I Help Promote Healthy Relationships And Talk To My Kids About Dating?

Resources are available. Be aware that if you need help, there is help.

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