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On behalf of the women of NHBW, Inc. it makes me proud to welcome you to our official website.  Here you will find the history of our sisterhood begun by our beloved Dr. Arnita Young Boswell, as well as a statement of our mission.  Serving that mission has been an exciting journey for us because it is rooted in the belief that empowering and highlighting women help to make strong families.  From strong empowered families come stellar communities, better schools, and a much better world in which to live.  

Also, you will find our initiatives coming to life through pictures, testimonies, and story videos.  Our "Reading for Life" Initiative is based on the premise that literate, well-informed people tend to make better choices that directly effect them and indirectly effect their families and others.  Early literacy intervention, promotion of inter generational literacy, establishment of community reading rooms, and building home libraries when pulled together form a foundation that combined with hope, a dream, and an opportunity can catapult any child into a world filled with success.   There has been no greater joy than when the children we serve openly profess ownership of a book.  "Mine."  

We especially take pride in our "T.O.P." (Teens Overcoming Pressure) program that empowers young women by giving them the tools and resources needed to handle obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential.  They examine and begin to recognize major areas of abuse most prevalent among teens and join us in a collective attempt to end unhealthy relationships and break the cycle of violence.  The program also allows them to explore the beauty within as well as without by not only working on peer pressure and emotional behavior but also body imaging (healthy eating and exercise) and grooming tips.  

NHBW, Inc. is currently serving 20 states and multiple cities throughout with our initiative and local needs programs that include culture, arts, education, health wellness, and human service programs.  I salute the sisterhood, their families, friends, and community supporters for working together to serve women and their families.  They have demonstrated that this is a family affair because of the way you have united for the betterment of all.  It is your commitment to improving the lives of others that has helped to open the doors for countless opportunities to maximize our impact of services.  

Approaching each year is indeed a blessing.  I am humbled by the charitable giving in these yet challenging times.  To our supportive public, I say that your confidence in us with a contribution of your time, your material donations, and/or your charitable dollars helps tremendously and we appreciate you.  

As always, drawn together by this common passion to serve,


Deborah Summers

National President